TAYO Collective

Empowering survivors of sex trafficking with handcrafted jewellery

Tayo is a Tagalog word meaning “to help stand”, “to build”, and is also the pronoun for “we.” This word captures the essence behind TAYO: to help survivors of sex trafficking stand by building them up, together as a community.

Every Tayo piece is handcrafted and designed in the Philippines by the women of Wipe Every Tear, a non-profit dedicated to empowering women trapped in the sex trade in Southeast Asia. These women have stepped out of slavery and into a life of freedom. They have chosen to leave the bars where they were once trafficked, manipulated, sold, and exploited. Accepting the invitation from Wipe Every Tear, to come live, eat, and go to college all for FREE! Through TAYO the women are empowered to earn money as they go to school. They proudly pay the women a living wage so that they can care for their families as they prepare for their future.

Each piece of jewelry carries a message of hope. From darkness to light. From slavery to freedom. The same hands that once were held in bondage are now alive and creating new things.