About Us

Pag-asa means 'hope' in Tagalog & the core purpose of this project is to try & give hope & to provide opportunities for local businesses and projects in the Philippines to sell their products here in New Zealand. The reason I have chosen the Philippines to support is because I am half-Filipino and see this as a way to connect with my roots and to help in some way with those from my Mom’s home country. This business is not-for-profit & everything made goes back into the communities; I have chosen to run the business in this was so that it never becomes about me & the core passion & purpose is always for the benefit of the communities. 

After a lot of research I have chosen to partner with social enterprises that have a focus on working with local communities, victims of sex trafficking & place importance on sustainable & ethical work practises. Currently, we have partnered with 5 local businesses with the hope of partnering with more in the future!